We have nothing to fear but what the media tells us to fear…apparently.

There has been, especially lately, an idea that things are horrible especially in our country’s economy. The media talks about an “Economic Meltdown”. The word “crisis” is used to talk about everything; housing crisis; mortgage crisis; credit crisis. Both politicians have picked up on this and both say they will make things “better” like a mother who applies a band-aid to your economic boo-boo. Are things really that bad though? Drew Carey has been working with Reason magazine’s Reason tv and he has put this video out there.

Here is the link to the main site. http://www.reason.tv/

Here is the link to the video on the main site. http://www.reason.tv/video/show/61.html Due to WordPress’ rules I cant embed the video directly from the main source so I embedded it from youtube.

Even tho both candidates have said things are bad, one of them has gone beyond the usual pandering of saying they will make things better. Obama castigated McCain for not even mentioning the middle-class in the first two debates. Never mind that when McCain says he will make things better “for all Americans” that probably means the middle class, it is just part of Obama’s socialist class warfare rhetoric. Obama’s speeches and his off the cuff remarks are full of such clues to his socialistic ideals, ideals that seem to held by Liberals more and more these days. Obama says he will tax only the top, the richest, that small 5% who make more than the rest. He says they should carry their burden. Barney Frank, the Liberal who claimed there was nothing wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and who resisted any attempt to by Republicans to regulate them, says there are “a lot of rich people out there who we can tax”.

Tax the rich. That’s step one of Socialist’s plans. What is step two? Why redistribute the wealth, of course. But of course saying it like that is a sure sign of socialism, so what can socialists say now to hide that fact?

Now while the surrounding music and titles are funny and some may claim its slanted…the point isn’t the music, the point isn’t the titles, the point isn’t even who asked the question (Liberals have eviscerated the questioner for daring to ask the question…so much for Liberals belief in free speech, but that will be another blog post) the point is Obama’s response, something the Liberals have seemed to miss. Obama stated he wants to spread the wealth, he thinks its good for everyone. He is…WRONG. Socialism is a bad idea that has never worked ANYWHERE. Everywhere it has been tried has led to a decline in innovation and quality of life. Now Obama wants this country to try it? And if the Democrats win big this year and gain a filibuster proof Senate and House along with the White House that’s exactly what they will try.

But for all of the fear mongering the Media has been doing, why haven’t they done a single story on the failure of socialism in other countries? Why haven’t they done stories about countries that used to follow socialism and have begun changing to capitalism? Why haven’t alarm bells gone off?

Because they want Obama to win. And the Media tells us what to we should fear.

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