It’s close to Halloween so here’s a scary post

Here’s a new video by The One.

Now normally I don’t like to give this lying marxist any space but this is important. In this new video he repeats his lie about giving tax breaks to 95% of Americans. It was a lie because 40% of Americans don’t pay Federal Income Tax, but he used to say it was for people who make over $250,000 a year. Now, according to The One’s new video I posted above its down to those who make $200,000 a year. So he moves the goalpost by $50,000…does he change his lie about 95% of the people getting a tax break?


How can anyone be fooled by this moron? Even looking at 2006 Census Records the numbers don’t add up:

Obama is a liar. Now hey, he’s a politician so that goes without saying but this is the big lie. This is what he’s selling as his big lie.

Oh and by the way his VP says tax breaks will be for those making $150,000.

That will still probably be in that 95% range too if you ask them I would bet. Doesn’t anyone in the Media have a math major they know?

Well with one week to go lets see how low the number gets. We could have an over/under bet. My guess is it will wind up at $125,000.

What say you all?


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