Is Obama an idiot or does he think the rest of America is?

Judging by the reaction of the crowd behind him I think its safe to say his supporters are idiots.

This clip is from one of Obama’s rallies which the AP also reported on. I give you both to show that I didn’t misquote The One…he actually did say this. What did he say you ask? Watch and see.

Heres the link to the AP story:

Now let me pick apart what The One said and show how stupid a comment it was and then let me rip the AP a new one.

First, Obama says “Lately he’s called me a socialist for wanting to roll back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so we can finally give some tax relief to the middle class”

Ok, see this is why I wonder if he’s an idiot or if he just thinks you are. McCain hasn’t called Obama a socialist for wanting to roll back taxes, he’s called The One a socialist because he has said recently that he wants to “Spread the Wealth” and he said in a 2001 radio interview that he wants to use the legislature to help “redistribute the wealth”. So since 2001 Obama has learned that using exact phrases of Marxist-Socialism is bad so he’s updated it for the 21st century and so “Redistribution of Wealth” became “Spreading the Wealth” but either way those are socialist ideals. So it has nothing to do with the tax breaks, it has everything to do with what he will do with the tax money he wants to collect.

But before I go on to the next goodies, let us quickly examine the rest of his sentence. Does Obama think he has to raise taxes on the “wealthiest” in order to provide tax relief on the Middle Class? Can he be that dumb? Or is it he just expects you to be that dumb and not see thru his Snake Oil sales pitch?  Here is a link to that lays out the effect of the taxes:

As you can see under John McCain’s tax plan amazingly everyone is able to get lower taxes even the middle class. You don’t have to punish some in order to help others. Punishing some in order to help others, by the way, is a socialist ideal. Hey look, yet another reason that McCain’s charge is true.

Now lets get on to Obama’s next nugget of wisdom.

“I don’t know what’s next. By the end of the week he’ll be accusing me of being a secret communist because I shared my toys in kindergarten. I shared my peanut butter and jelly sandwich”

Again I have to ask is Obama dumb or is it he just thinks everyone else is? Judging by the reaction of the crowd, the latter theory seems to be true. 

See, it isn’t that Obama shared his toys or that he shared his p&j, its that he wants to force everyone else to share theirs. Communism or as it should be called Marxist-Socialism, isn’t about sharing what you have it is about the government forcing you at the end of a gun to share what you have. His crowd is obviously not smart enough to know the difference.

Now the AP in its “news story” i.e. talking points for The One:

“Obama turned to ridicule to rebut McCain’s references to Obama’s encounter with “Joe the Plumber.” McCain has capitalized on a moment when Obama told an Ohio plumber he wanted to “spread the wealth around” by boosting taxes on wealthier people to finance a middle-class tax cut.”

Notice the AP, a supposed news outlet has failed to mention the radio interview that was known about before this story came out. That interview is key since in it Obama is candid about his socialist plans. BY leaving it out the AP claims that McCain’s criticism come from “a moment” as tho it were a fleeting thing nto to be noticed. Perhaps the AP, like Obama, thinks everyone is stupid. You have to love that Objective Media.

Now the problem is that Obama’s supporters won’t care if you present this to them, like the crowd behind in the video they are either too dumb or too blind to see it. But if you know anyone who is unsure get this info to them. Let them see The One selling his sideshow of lies. Do not let Obama simply slime his way into the White House without some resistance. If Steve McQueen could stop The Blob it is possible to stop The One.

Obama thinks everyone else is stupid. Show him we’re not.


2 Responses to “Is Obama an idiot or does he think the rest of America is?”

  1. Amen. At what point do Americans wake up and see the socialist agenda being put into action? Between this and the 401(k) story and all the other craziness, it is becoming more obvious every day. Did you hear the speech when he said that America is not a collection of individuals, but is instead a “commune”?

    By the way I absolutely love that you refer to him as “the one”. That is hysterically funny given people’s reactions to him. Neo squared.

  2. I didn’t hear that speech. Do you have a link to it somewhere? I will gladly post the youtube link to it and mock him and his followers who deny his marxist ways.

    I can’t claim to have given him the title of “The One” I am not sure where it came from but I had seen it on several right-leaning blogs before. I just happen to like it since it does show the almost religious fervor his supports show towards him.

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