Overheard at the Polls

Today at the polls the following conversation was heard* between a voter and an MSNBC Reporter:

Reporter: How was your voting experience?

Voter: Well when I voted at noon I detected an attempt at voter suppression.

Reporter: Amazing. In this day and age. Can you tell us what happened?

Voter: Sure, well when I went up to  the table to get my card before going into the booth, the woman behind the table said I looked familiar and ask if I had voted here already.

Reporter: How did you react?

Voter: I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. Such nerve to try and keep me from voting.

Reporter: Did you expect anything like this to happen to you?

Voter: Well I should have. Although nothing happend when I voted at 10am, when I voted at 11am I could see her giving me a bad look. But when she asked me that question at noon that’s when I knew she was racist.

Reporter: She was racist?

Voter: She must be, none of the other pollsters asked me that question at the other 5 voting precincts I went to.


* Overheard in my mind. Its amazing how the imagination wanders when you are standing in line. Still I could see MSNBC airing this.

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