Once again South Park shows its ahead of the curve on politics

Just saw tonight’s South Park and I have to say I laughed my ass off from start to finish. Once again they spared no one. Once again they offended everyone. McCain supporters and Obama supporters alike were in the cross hairs.

Without giving away the story, which was good. Just notice which of the four weren’t included. Even South Park knows Biden is too much of an idiot to be let in on the secret.

Of course if you asked Biden he’d tell you how he remembers that South Park was better when he was a kid, watching it on his High Definition Hologram player given to him by President Washington after Washington went on TV with his wife Wheezy Jefferson to explain how he won the battle of Gettysburg.

I tell you I am glad that guy is a heart beat away from the Presidency…and so is Obama. Best Insurance Policy EVER!!


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