Aliens Kill Michael Crichton to keep him silent about Global Warming

Ok. That’s a lie just to get your attention. But as this WSJ article points out Crichton did make some enemies of the those who blindly believe in Al Gore and those who stand to make a lot of money off the idea that Man Made Global Warming is beyond dispute.

Those of who doubt the Goreacle’s insistence that the planet will eat us alive have been equated with Holocaust deniers. Nothing like rational debate on a scientific issue huh? Well if we are holocaust deniers does that make them the Inquisition, rooting out all heretics and non-believers and roasting them in the auto de fe of a complacent media? Or if you want to get really nasty doesn’t that make them the Fourth Reich implementing the final solution to remove all undesirables?

You can see how trading such language can slowly reduce it all to meaningless trash. There’s nothing wrong with hurling an insult or two at people’s intelligence or lack thereof but if you are going to put those who doubt untested future models of warming with those who deny an event that has already happened and which there is ample proof on film then it shows a lack of confidence on the side those who believe in those future models.

If this is supposed to be a scientific debate, and it is supposed to be a debate despite the Goreacle’s insitance that the debate is over, then if the models prove faulty (and they have) then the right thing to do is retool the models not shut down those of us who point out the flaws. If you put forward a theory that all Polar Bears are black then all I have to do is find a single non-black Polar Bear to disprove your theory. Once I do that then the correct thing is to go back and try again and come up with a new theory. But the correct thing is not claim I hate the planet or that I work for the oil company so my analysis is suspect.

The thing to remember is that 30 years ago scientists’ models claimed we would have a new ice age by the 90’s…well their data was obviously proven faulty. What amuses me is how easily people then jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon as though these models were suddenly correct. It was almost Orwellian, we had always been at war with Global Cooling, then suddenly we had always been at war with Global Warming and the people saw no problem with that change. 

So let me put it in a way even those who follow Big Goreacle can understand, Man Made Global Warming…its double plus ungood.

Here’s a link to Crichton’s speech:

Here’s a link with lots of links:

Here’s another good link:

2 Responses to “Aliens Kill Michael Crichton to keep him silent about Global Warming”

  1. revolution2010 Says:

    I gotta tell you, I haven’t belly laughed at a Blog this much in a while! I would love to put you on my Blogroll! You should have my e-mail from this post… let me know!

  2. Thanks for support. I hope to not only get people thinking but laughing as well. Thanks for getting the word out there by adding me to your blog.

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