Its Sunday, time to take it easy so I am just going to provide links to others who did some work.

This is by Paul Mirengoff of Powerline. One of the blogs I have on my side bar.

An interesting quasi-article about Biden and his remarks about Helicopter Fire. Remember when Hillary was mocked for her false story? Biden made one up too it seems. This article gives an anonymous reason which is discounted by Biden’s spokesman. That’s all fine and good, but why did Biden make it up then?

Can the NY Times suck more than it does? I think it can. Here Newsbusters points out they are mad at Republicans….for being polite. Ok I will make the times happy….they can @#$%* themselves.

On the flip side of polite, the same nutjobs who for the past eight years have went round the bend, calling Bush Hilter and all of us on the right facists, racists, sexists…bascially anything ending in “ist” except of course socialists because thats w word they are trying to pretend doesn’t exist, are now asking us to come together in happiness. HA….HAHA…..MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love Irony. Anyway here’s Ace of Spade’s take on that. He’s got some nice links inside as well.


As I find more I will update the list or maybe just create a new post…its Sunday…I’m lazy.


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