Liberals odd ideas about free speech.

David Limbaugh has a good article on how Liberals view free speech.

As with most issues Liberals feel one way depending if the issue is applied to others as opposed to when its applied to them. Obama for instance said at the Rick Warren church in CA during the election that Gay Marriage was a state issue. Yesterday the people who voted Obamaprotested outside that same church because they didn’t get their way on Prop 8. Obama as far as I know has been silent on that, It will be interesting to see if he comments and if so how he will address the issue.

But even apart from Gay Marriage, Liberals routinely like to take positions where they claim to interested in equality but in reality they want nothing of the kind. Look at the Orwellian named “Fairness Doctrine” Liberals want to impose. Limbaugh mentions it but here’s more:


Have no doubt, Liberals would shut up anyone who disagreed with them if they could. Now that Obama is President and they control most of Congress…its time for the purge to begin.

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