I thought Obama was going to create a post-racial nation.

Obama was supposed to heal the planet, fix the oceans and create a post racial world. Still waiting on all three it seems. This article chides Lindsay Lohan for using a “derogatory term” for Obama. What is the term you ask? Was it the “N-Word”? Nope. Did she sing a song from the musical Hair? Nope. The headline says it all. “Lindsay Lohan Calls Obama First ‘Colored President’ in Interview”


Now, its time for a little common sense. According to the politically correct in this country there is only one proper way to refer to to people whose melanin count is much higher than everyone elses…African American. I’m sure Ms. Lohan will be receiving a stern letter from African American watchdog group the NAACP which as we all know stands for the National Association for the Advancement of African Americans…wait no that would be the NAAAA. What does the CP stand for then? Oh I just looked it up it stands for Colored People.

How can they be so insensitive? Well it seems this country has a long history of trying to figure out what to call those high melanin people. The “N-word” is offensive. There is no doubt about that. And the word that inspired the “N-Word”, Negro which is Spanish for black, was used by those who felt disgusted by the “N-Word”. If you look back at speeches by people like Lincoln, you know him he’s one Republican Liberals haven’t figured out how to hate…yet, he uses the word Negro all the time. At the time it was considered the proper term to use.

However, in 1909 an organization came into being, the NAAAA, no sorry the NAACP, and for 70 years the term colored people was considered the polite term. Then in the 1980’s African American was the term we were told to use by Jesse Jackson, the guy who wants Obama’s balls. The suddenly it was no longer ok to use the term colored people…except in titles of 70 year old organizations. But what to do? “I know”, they said, “its not colored people its people of color”. Yeah that will get rid of racism.

So we got such interesting stories of how the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People complained that a Sheriff said “colored officers” instead of “officers of color”. Now we have a whole country that is so worried about offending the NAAAA…err NAACP that people of color allllll over the world are now African American. People of color in Canada are Canadian African Americans. Alright, maybe that’s ok since its one the same Continent. However, during the riots in France a year ago, I saw news reports of “French African Americans.” That must have been a surprise to the French.

Well, as you can see it is a real mess and poor Ms. Lohan looks as tho she will be the next one to feel the wrath of the NAAAA, no the NAAPC, no the NAACP. But it’s not as if we expect Ms. Lohan to be all that bright to know of the history. Plus this goes to the heart of the matter, shouldn’t the issue be not the word used bu the intent behind it? Ms. Lohan was happy that Obama was elected. She chose the term thinking it was the right thing to say. The sheriff in the story I had read about had been praising his “officers of color” as the best he had worked with. NO say the dergatory term police. So we must sit back and wait until the term that is ok this decade changes again. Who knows what it will be but we do know Obama will lead us away from derogatory terms all together. OH? Really?

The Boston Globe online reports and James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal pointed out that Obama has recently used a term that some consider offensive.

Obama’s ‘mutt’ jesting draws pointed criticism

Of the two awkward attempts at humor during President-elect Barack Obama’s first press conference, his reference to not talking to dead presidents is the one that has received most of the attention.


“I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any seances,” Obama said Friday. Within hours, he called the former first lady to apologize for what his spokeswoman called a “careless and off-handed remark.”

But comments have appeared in the blogosphere on the other joke. Talking about choosing a puppy for his daughters, he said “our preference would be to get a shelter dog, but, obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.”

During the campaign, Obama celebrated his biracial heritage as the son of a white mother from Kansas and an African father from Kenya – and many biracial Americans celebrated with him.

But now on message boards and blogs, some are saying they were offended.

One of the most thought-out is from a woman who runs a blog for mothers of Korean-American children. “I’ve heard mixed-race people use that term to describe themselves before, usually in the same ha-ha way Obama did. I’ve also heard it thrown around as an insult, a pejorative, a slur. I’ve felt the slap of that word across my face” she wrote. “My fear, however, is that Obama, as the first mixed-race president, will shape the way most Americans view people of mixed race for at least a generation. And will Obama calling himself a ‘mutt’ – with humor, as if the word is nothing, nothing at all – make it socially acceptable for people to start calling me a mutt? My kids?”

Taranto noted, “So what is the politically correct term? Mongrel-American?”

Only for now.

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