The Answer is….Libertarianism

The question is…what will save this country.

This article actually puts the question as what can save Conservatism.

Personally, however, I have always known that Libertarianism is the answer for both sides.

Check it out,


3 Responses to “The Answer is….Libertarianism”

  1. Very interesting to see more stuff on Libertarianism. I have recently started a blog on politics that is pretty interesting. You can find it at :
    I good friend of mine has a website that is similar and is even more Libertarian based as she has registered with the party. Her blog is on my blogroll at the link above under Coup D’etat. I am still considering switching to the party but haven’t made up my mind yet. I would appreciate you all taking a look at it and giving your thoughts. I would like to add this site to my blogroll if you don’t mind. Feel free to add mine if you find it appropriate. Just email me at if you would like me to not add you to the blogroll or if you have any questions I can answer. I kind of see this as a building network of people who want to create real change.

  2. I prefer to work within the Republican party. It wasn’t that long ago that the two were very close. I think it can be put back on the right track. For now it is better to work with a party who can get things done.

  3. Paul Kapish Says:

    The Campaign for Liberty is a group working within the GOP to bring it back to its more libertarian roots and more traditional conservative values.

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