I have been awake for over 32 hours and I am feeling fine. Bibble Bibble Bibble.

I had a paper due today that I completely rewrote at the last minute because I didn’t think the original one was any good. Then I had class, now I am waiting for my next class at 6pm and then when I get out at 7:30 I am heading to DC for the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention. There’s a good chance I will be a drooling imbecile by the time I get to my hotel. Already I have had to use spell check just to make sure I spelled two-letter words correctly.

But never let it be said I didn’t bring you info from around the world.

Here is an article by Mike S. Adams, who I consider the modern right-wing Jonathan Swift.


Here’s Chuck Norris because…well he’s CHUCK NORRIS!!!! He’s also dead on, but then Chuck Norris is always “dead” on.


Here is the National Review’s take on Obama’s AG.


“To be blunt, Holder is a terrible selection. If there’s any Obama cabinet nomination that Republicans feel moved to oppose, this should be it.”

Here is another brialliant essay by Thomas Sowell:


 Here’s Michelle Malkin pointing out what is wrong with the Republican party:


Finally I hereby officially call this movie out as the worst Star Trek movie EVER, it will be worse than StarTrek: The Motionless Picture, worse than StarTrek: Save the Whales, worse than StarTrek: The Clone Wars, worse than StarTrek: Let’s combine old and new to create suckage, worse than StarTrek: Let’s Find God, worse than StarTrek: No one even remembers this one between the borg and the clone wars. This will be StarTrek: Let’s piss on everything you love, I have the reins now.

I will be gone for the next three days for the convention and it is unlikely I will be posting. Chin up that just means you’ll be that much happier for my return.



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