Media Doom and Gloom…helping or part of the problem?

Well I am back from Thanksgiving and fatter then ever, but the way the Media tells it it these are lean times. All weekend I heard how the economy has everyone scared, noone wants to spend money, the recession will eat us all alive. Noone must have told those thousands of shoppers I saw at all of the stores, if those are the ones that are scared perhaps a lack of fear could have meant that noone would have been able to move for the press of bodies. But all those people didn’t mean sales would be up according to EVERY SINGLE NEWS REPORT I SAW.

Weeeellllllll it turns out it wasn’t that way. Powerline reports sales were up this weekend over the year before.

Does anyone else remember when the news reported what HAPPENED and not what they think WILL HAPPEN. When did new reporters get replaced with Miss Cleo?

I hate to toot my own horn but I brought this issue up before on my second ever post.

At that time I was talking about how the media wanted to use the doom and gloom story to get Obama elected and now its like a Crack addiction, they just cant stop talking about how bad things are. The more they talk the more panicked people get but deep down they know the truth, that as bad as things are they aren’t as bad as the picture the media paints.

The Subprime mortgage mess only affected less than 1% of all mortgages, you think it was all mortgages the way the media told it. This caused panic. Chuck Schumer D-NY told a story about how the bank IndyMac was going to collapse…it wasn’t but the panic caused a run and people pulled $1.8 billion out and that caused it to collapse.

I don’t know who said this quote:

“A man who thinks he will die tomorrow will somehow make it so”

but our media is out to prove it.

F*ck the media.


2 Responses to “Media Doom and Gloom…helping or part of the problem?”

  1. Well, I have to say that I couldn’t agree more with you. The media seems to be on a completely negative spin cycle and would appear to be out to prove that they have the power to single handedly ruin the economy on their own. I am unsure of what the best way is to attack this however. I certainly don’t want to violate the constitution by silencing these fools, but the media has actually become one of the most destructive groups in our country.

  2. I agree that using the government to silence them is not the way to go but there are other options available and for the most part I see them working. Look at the circulation for newspapers, it is going down as people leave them behind for new media that doesn’t claim to be objective when we all know they are lying. Look at the ratings for network and cable news they are plummeting for the same reasons.

    The people have always had more power than they think, they simply choose not to use it or they hope the government will do it for them but on occasion they do act in their own interest and fight thru to the bright side. The question is how long will it take and will they do it in time?

    That is where we come in, we need to tell everyone and anyone who’ll listen about the sham that is the media. Point out any flaw or flub the media makes especially when they make it due to ideology. That will speed the process along. We can’t make the horse lame with the government but we can shoot it once it is lame by refusing to give them any money or credit.

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