Liberals are never happy.

Well “The One” isn’t even in office yet and already there seems to be buyers remorse and a felling of maybe he isn’t “The One” but its not coming from the right its coming from the left.

Now it seems as though Obama’s people are trying to quell the rumblings.

HAHA!! Liberals amuse me on so many levels. For one they have no ability to make a rational argument for their causes, they almost always end up trying to make an emotional argument. Also they whine when they don’t get the toy they wanted right away and Gaia help you if it’s not exactly like it looks on the box.


2 Responses to “Liberals are never happy.”

  1. LOL… there is so much truth in that statement that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The emotional argument thing just kills me. Who needs logic when you have emotions.

    Buyer’s remorse is right. The package of hope we bought on November 4th is looking more like a package of nope.

  2. I was accused once by an ex-gf that I was too logical. Personaly I take that as a compliment. Emotional arguments do not work with me, I just don’t care.

    The funniest thing about Liberals remorse on buying “The One” is that no matter how mad they get they won’t do a single thing about it. They painted themselves into a corner saying that to oppose him is racist so if they do more than grumble they can be accused of what they used to claim.
    Although, since they have no shame and no sense of their own hypocrisy, I could see them complaining for the next four years while saying anyone else who complains is racist.

    Either way it will be fun to watch.

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