Madonna causes “impure thoughts”.

According to a Cardinal in Chile, Madonna causes “impure thoughts.” He’s right…whenever I see her I want to smash my tv, smack her across the face, tell the world she’s a gigantic fake, and basically put to death anyone who says she’s an “artist.” I have never liked that hack, I have always thought she was overrated and a complete joke. Anyone who has the kind of “impure thoughts” the Cardinal was talking about must be blind or retarded. Her 15 minutes would have been up a long time ago if it were not for the moronic MTV culture that took talentless nothings and made them famous because they slinked around in next to nothing while lip-synching to bad 80’s music.

I was living in NYC when her so-called “Sex” book came out. I could not believe there was a line around the corner to buy that $60 dollar piece of crap. I could go get three porn tapes for that much and the quality would be better and sexier. Then she comes back from England after a few years and lo and behold she has a British accent that’s as fake as she ever was. She tried to stay “relevant and edgy” when she kissed the train wreck known as Brittany Spears, it was like watching the passing of the “talentless torch” complete with a side dish of STD.

When will Madonna slink away in the obscurity she so richly deserves? Isn’t it bad enough she tried acting?


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