Cowards? Moi? I think not Liberals.

Eric Holder, our new Attorney General, whom I have talked about before has claimed this country is a “nation of cowards on matters of race, saying most Americans avoid discussing unresolved racial issues.”

I will now and forever say that Holder can go fuck himself. Is that a brave enough statement for you?

This liberal nitwit continues saying, “we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race.” Well let’s talk about talking about race. Liberals are the ones who care most about race, it matters the most to them. They claim to be the least racist but that is just untrue. MLK said he looked forward to the day when a person was not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Liberals have NEVER lived up to that. Just look at our new President. Obama would never have been elected if he had been judged on his character.

Liberals are the MOST racist people I have ever met. It concerns them all the time as they are never able to see past skin color. That is the reason there aren’t more conversations about race. Why would I want to talk to a Liberal about race? I know they are racist, I know they are so small minded to not be able to see past that and it informs everything they say and do. And the worst part about it all is the hypocritical disingenuous way they go about acting as if they are above it all.

Let’s look at this new bullshit that Liberals have spewn upion us about Race. The NY Post had a political cartoon that has race huckster Al Sharpton and the liberal nitwits at the Huffington Post up in arms.

The AP article doesn’t even SHOW the cartoon, so how can anyone who reads the article make up their own mind? HINT: You aren’t supposed to make up your own mind, let the liberals make it for you.

Fortunately the guys at Powerline do have the whole story and the pic.

John Hinderaker also makes some very good points that need to be repeated. Obama didn’t write the stimulus, Pelosi did, so how could the chimp be Obama? Also after 8 years of comparing Bush to a chimp, why are the lovely little BJ and the Bear co-stars off limits for political commentary?

This goes back to my hypocrite statement I made about liberals before and I have talked about in other posts.

Liberals suck. Hows that for honest, Mr. Holder? You are the most racist turd-bags around. Hows that for honest, Mr. Holder? I am sick and tired of hearing about race because to me it isn’t an issue. I don’t care what color you are. I treat everyone the same when I first meet them. If I start to not like someone it has nothing to do with skin color, it has everything to do with the content of their character. People like Holder and Sharpton and Obama have the kind of character I despise, if they were white it would not make them any better, but for some reason since they are black the media and the rest of the liberals overlook their character and judge them by their skin color.

MLK was killed by a white man and his dream was killed by Liberals. Which is worse?


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2 Responses to “Cowards? Moi? I think not Liberals.”

  1. Anthony Rhys Jenkins Says:

    I would like to give the liberal response on race to this. I grew up in a bastion of progressivism in rural Massachusetts and in Providence, RI. I was an organizer for the Obama Campaign and a pure hearted liberal of the modern young generation. I don’t think you can equate thinking and wanting to discuss race as racism, its unfair and I think horribly narrow minded. Because race is, no matter what you want to think, is still a massive issue in America. Over the campaign and now where I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn I have had a lot of brutal honest conversations about race. A big theme over it all was that a lot of white people admit to having distrust in blacks and black people having an equally if not greater distrust in whites. I think it continues to stick because of the big cultural differences we grow up with. The racism of today is a different breed of that of the 20th century, no longer is it out in the open with races clashing in the open. But an under the skin bottled up emotion resulting in reserved fears expressed largely just to yourself late at night. Things are getting better, but you cannot just assume the entire issue doesn’t exist. The Civil Rights Movement was really just a short time ago, and there still exists a discrepancy in white and black communities. I see this everywhere I’ve looked in the projects of East Cleveland, Atlanta and Brooklyn. Education remains the biggest difference, schools in black communities are so often underfunded and good teaching talent can be hard to attract. This is an inherited cycle to the new generations, these problems have been going on since before the Civil Rights Movement and only continues to self feed itself. So how can you say race is just no longer an issue? It bears its ugly head everyday. One day, I think we will be able to view race as your ideas say. Where issues of race are just non-existent. But we are still a long way away from that day. We need to discuss what is going on in communities today so we can help push this world into that direction.

  2. thedoyle Says:

    Mr. Jenkins,

    Thank you for the time to leave a response. It was also a very civil response as well to a rather emotional post. Being called a coward by a piece of shit like Holder will do that to me, but yours does not deserve the kind of response I gave Holder so here goes:

    There are a few things I think you should do, the first is go back and re-read my post because I don’t think you quite “got it” the first time and I will show you why. You ask how I claim, “race is just no longer an issue?” I did not say that, if you re-read my post you will see I said, “because to me it isn’t an issue. I don’t care what color you are. I treat everyone the same when I first meet them.” I was only talking about myself.

    At risk of being rude, I know its an issue to you and every other Liberal, you’re entire democratic party could not win unless it constantly reminded people of it. Your response while polite and well-intentioned is perfect fodder for their machine because it points out “problems” without ever addressing their cause. It’s almost as if everything you said was the fault of racism, but how much of it is due to stupidity and bureaucracy?

    Also you fail to address the most important issue, that is that we are NOT ALLOWED to have an honest discussion. I would not be allowed to print in a newspaper any other medium the cause of the problems you pointed out UNLESS I attributed their cause to racism. The general stupidity and bureaucracy explanation is not allowed and to bring it up is racist. Actually with most (note the use of the clarifying “most”) Liberals anything said is racist…as long as it is said by a white person.

    Finally one other funny thing I notice about Liberals and Race is they only see Blacks and Whites. Liberals seem to ignore anyone who may be yellow or other shade and in fact work to hurt them. Look at how they are treated by Liberals in College applications.

    Mr. Jenkins as nice and as well meaning you sound, it is your side that has the issues not me, and every time I or someone who is on my side of the aisle DARES to say anything about race or ANY subject the left holds dear to their heart then Gaia help us if we say anything that is not 100% square on with what Liberals believe or that “open conversation” will close real quick as the Liberal screams “RACISM” or “SEXISM” or “HOMOPOHBIA” or what ever BS word and that’s the end of it.

    Look at Miss USA…perfect look into Liberal “open conversations”
    Better still look at Larry Summers a few years ago at Harvard. So much for Liberals and “open conversations”

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