The Media does it again.

So yesterday there was a large rally in DC protesting Obama’s healthcare reform plan, Obama’s out of control Liberals friends in Congress, and all of the Dem’s spending habits. How many showed up is still being debated but it was big and its part of the Tea Party protests going on since earlier this year.

The media has, since the beginning of the protests, done everything they can to oppose the protests. From making fun of the protesters to vilifying them. One repeated charge has been the media’s claim that the people [rptesting are all right-wingers who hate Obama so much that they have made posters of Obama with a Hitler mustache. The signs the Media showed months ago were actually from the Lyndon LaRouche PAC, which is a far left group. The signs they showed were easily identifiable as being from the LaRouche PAC because it said so on the posters, but the Media had no interest in telling the actual facts they were more interested in slandering the protesters as evil racist hateful right-wingers.

Last night the AP put out a story about the latest protest in DC and not only did it trot out the usual picture it again failed to distinguish the LaRouche protesters from the actual protesters.

Here is the Pic they included in the side bar of the story:
Taxpayer Rally

The pic clearly shows on the poster but that is not mentioned in the story itself, instead it makes it seem as though is on the same side as the protesters, but the fact is the LaRouche people are only protesting that Obama does not go far enough. They want a single-payer system which is what Obama wants as well but knows he can’t get it right away. This would be an important fact, I would think, yet the AP fails to mention it.

The Media has been letting many facts slide lately, from their refusing to delve into the Edwards affair during the Democratic Primaries to more recently completely ignoring the story of Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones till AFTER he had resigned to ignoring all of ACORN’s many illegal activities to its continued slanted reporting on the opposition to Obama’s policies, the Media has abdicated its role as objective news reporters.

If the Media cannot or will not do its job then they deserve to fail and go out of business and many news outlets are suffering greatly. Newspapers are going out of business due to poor circulation (I will admit that the advent of online advertising hasn’t helped the papers either since that is most of their revenue but circulation is down as well), the New York Times is in serious danger (good riddance), the ratings of the major networks news at 6 pm are dropping like stones and even cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC are being pummeled by the dreaded evil Fox News (the left’s bogeyman).

So be it. The Media did all it could to get Obama elected and they are continuing to fight alongside him as a propaganda army. The problem for the Media is that people are realizing that the Media is no longer objective fact-givers. I wonder how long it will be before Obama says we need to bailout the NYT and other Media outlets favorable to him. For all of the Left’s supposed belief in evolution, they sure don’t seem to understand it.

Darwinism is a bitch, but its a bitch I love to see in action.

8 Responses to “The Media does it again.”

  1. Wow. R U f’ng nuts? The media has as always been engaged in creating drama & controversy whenever possible. How we can view the same news coverage of the same event (speaking of the Tea Party in DC) yet have such opposing viewpoints is pretty skeery. But it is why the country is in such a political mess.

    You conservative types whine and moan bout the most petty issues, just to get your temper tantrums aired on the national spotlight. You must be proud. The lies and distortions by the conservative party are nothing more than orchestrated talking points by Faux Snooze, Lush Limbaugh, and all the other loonies that make up the Party of No. How freaking sad.

    I have often found that followers of Ayn Rand are some of the most fanatical individuals around. So I consider the source and never expect a common ground with people like yourself. I’ll pray for you. Ha!

  2. Adlib, if you want to hear moaning and nastiness I suggest you watch some of the Mains Stream Media so-called reporters and commentators MSNBC Keith Olbermann, ABC, CBS and NBC all have their own versions of Olbermann. Then again as their ratings go down and FOXNEWS rating go up I guess they are getting a bit worried about their jobs. (As they well should! )

    “Cable News Ratings for Thursday, September 10, 2009; Beck Tops The 25-54 Demo Again

    Posted on 11 September 2009 by Robert Seidman

    Live + Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for September 10, 2009

    P2+ Total Day
    FNC – 1,583,000 viewers
    CNN – 587,000 viewers
    MSNBC –533,000 viewers
    CNBC – 178,000 viewers
    HLN – 333,000 viewers

    P2+ Prime Time
    FNC – 3,042,000viewers
    CNN— 808,000 viewers
    MSNBC –1,196,000 viewers
    CNBC – a scratch w/109,000 viewers
    HLN – 674,000viewers

    Read the full story”

    BRENDA BOWERS http://brendabowers;

    Rational Egotist, just giving him my address in case he wants to make any more liberal snide remarks. Poor things, I guess that is all they have left to do now that Americans are catching on to what has been elected to the White House and Democrats are running to cover their buns so they can be re-elected in 2010. BB

  3. I don’t know what adlib is trying to say. Conservatives are scary and freaky? The references to talking points slay me.
    Conservatives believe in individualism (individual responsibility), not is group or collectivism, so the belief that we follow or pay homage to one or have anyone on a pedestal is ludicrous.
    Obviously the “who is John Galt” speech doesn’t make any sense to the collective mind. “……I will not live for the sake of another……..nor do I ask anyone to live for me” That includes Rush, Glenn, Obama, Rand or anyone else.
    Yes we followers of Ayn Rand are individuals that is what gets everyone so ticked off-there is no “group” think. We knew this and then found Ayn-not the other way around.

  4. Although I should probably remove the troll response rather then let it sully my blog (afterall its my world) I will leave it as an example of the insane conclusion jumping left.

    I am not a conservative, I am a Libertarian. I know such nuance is difficult for the left to grasp because it requires actual thought and reasoning.

    Also the Media has NOT always been engaged in creating drama and controversy, at one time it actually strove to be objective. I have a feeling adlib is young and probably ignorant of history so that’s all he has seen. And from what I gather from his post he is also unwilling to ever learn more.

    It is amusing to me to hear adlib complain about “talking points” while his inane rant is peppered with phrases stolen from talking points such “party of no” and “orchestrated …by faux snooze and Rush Limbaugh.”

    Your last two sentences however have to be the funniest, you say you believe there can never be a “common ground” so why bother to come here and say anything? If you believe that then you are admitting your post is merely mental diarrhea, which I am inclined to believe it was.
    And to say you will pray for me? Doesn’t the left complain endlessly about the imposition of religion? As an athiest, I could act like the left and accuse you of imposing a theocracy, always a fun charge to hear. Instead I will simply say if you believe in prayer then pray for yourself, pray for wisdom, pray for guidance and pray for a better education, since it is obvious you need all three.

  5. Brendabowers,

    No worries about letting asslib…er adlib follow you to your blog, I will check it out as well. I look at the MRC’s work on occasion but I don’t often reference it because I find they can be a bit overzealous. They are often concerned about things I have no problem with, but they are Conservative and I am not and so I respect their viewpoint regardless. Thank you tho for the MRC link and the ratings stats, both were helpful here.

  6. 12stepgolf,

    …I have nothing to add your post was spot on, especially:

    “Yes we followers of Ayn Rand are individuals that is what gets everyone so ticked off-there is no “group” think. We knew this and then found Ayn-not the other way around.”

  7. Another unrepentant Objectivist here, adding my voice of support to the others above. Check out my website a for an action apropos to some of the above comments.


    C. Jeffery Small

  8. Jeffery,

    Nice site. Thanks for the link.

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