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My weekend.

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This weekend I went to the Federalist Society’s Student Symposium at Yale Law School. The topic was Separation of Powers in American Constitutionalism and it was an amazing conference that included distinguished Law Professors, Federal Judges and even former Ambassador to the United Nations, John R. Bolton.

The Symposium ended with a banquet which included an address by the Honorable Laurence H. Silberman, U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Judge Silberman spoke on the topic of Honor and how the idea of honor has seemed to have left our country and in particular how there seems to very little honor in those who serve the public.

He pointed to the many “tell-all” books that come out as soon as a public servant leaves his office or position. These books are often served up as red meat to the opposition of whomever is in power and he spoke of the danger this practice brings. His speech will eventually be posted and I will link it when it is.

I also notice a lack of honor in most people these days, not just in the public realm but everywhere. Yet I agree with Judge Silberman (I think he would say I was wise to do so) that it is worse in the Public Realm.

To me, Obama and Joe Biden are examples of public servants who have no honor. Obama blames everything on the previous administration, even tho there is plenty of blame to go around including his own actions (or in-actions, Obama did enjoy simply voting “present”). When we were attacked on 9/11 the hi-jackers had been in our country for years under Clinton. The press loved to discuss the memo about Bin Laden “determined to attack in the U.S.” as an example of Bush ignoring threats. Clinton not only saw such a memo, he even created one himself and yet did nothing to stop those who were training in our country under his watch.

Bush NEVER blamed Clinton.


Pundits blamed Clinton, I blame Clinton but Bush never once said “I inherited these terrorists” the way that Obama claims to have inherited the economy. Obama has no Honor.

Biden is worse. Biden has no Honor and he has no class. Biden’s attacks on those he disagrees with are legendary. Just look at his behavior at any of the last few Supreme Court Justices. He has no issue with outright lies if it serves his purpose and he will never shrink from slimming an opponent with personal attacks at the drop of a hat.

These two men are now in charge of our country, put there by making people believe in “hope”.

I want to vote for a candidate who displays honor.

Biden and Communist China…its amazing how alike they think about taxes.

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Weeks ago Biden went on record saying that paying Taxes is “patriotic.” Now nevermind the history of this country, “Boston Tea Party”, “no taxation without representation”, “Stamp Act, Tea Act, Sugar Act, Townsend Act”, etc, because Biden probably thinks Washington went on tv to try to convince the 50 Colonies that paying taxes was the right thing to do after cutting down the cherry tree and spreading the cherries around for everyone so that there would be enough money to enact the Emancipation Proclamation.

Let’s ignore all that and just look at this picture.



This picture is from Communist China and the caption says…

“Paying Taxes Enriches the Country and Strengthens the People”.

Wow, Joe couldn’t have said it better himself.

Can we finally call Obama’s administration out for what it really is?

Biden…twit or just your normal political opportunist?

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Soooooo, at yesterday’s Giants-Eagles game…GO GIANTS…Biden was apparently booed by the home crowd.

A few weeks ago the press made a big deal about Sarah Palin being booed at a Hockey game in Philly. Well Palin isn’t a hometown girl anyway but Biden is supposed to be a PA boy. Born in scranton, we heard over and over ad nauseum during the election. It was as if they couldn’t remind those much needed PA voters “he’s on of you” enough.

But the thing in the article that grabbed my attention wasn’t that they booed him, Philly fans are probably the least classy fans in all of sports (they boo their own at the drop of a hat or flyball or pass…etc), no what grabbed my attention was this little nugget:

“Biden calls himself an Eagles fan but emphasizes that his wife Jill, raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, is the real fan in the family.

“My wife is a die-hard Eagles fan, so we watch every Eagles game,” Biden told reporters during a tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in September.

“I’m not allowed to say this,” he added, whispering to the reporters, “but I also like the Giants.”


Now I know sports aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things but can we get past candidates both running and elected who claim to like every team out there? Especially when they happen to mention how much they love the team of….whatever town they are in? Hillary claimed to be a life long Yankee’s fan and now Biden looks to molify those New Yorkers too by claiming to be one of them.

This wouldn’t bother me too much but it seems that Biden has a habit of saying one thing one day and another the next. Clean Coal being a good example. Of course that makes him the perfect running mate of Barack “Janus” Obama who insults those in PA while he’s in San Fran and then praises them when he’s in PA, or who says one day the tax limit will be $250k and its now down to $200k (Biden said $150k, I’m still taking bets for the over/under on the final number). And going back to Clean Coal, it seems Biden was telling the truth when he said no plants here even though Obama said it wasn’t true because an interview surfaced where Obama said he’d bankrupt anyone who wanted to build any new coal plant here in the US.

Maybe Obama can learn a trick from Biden and whisper his true feelings for US industry.

Its Sunday, time to take it easy so I am just going to provide links to others who did some work.

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This is by Paul Mirengoff of Powerline. One of the blogs I have on my side bar.

An interesting quasi-article about Biden and his remarks about Helicopter Fire. Remember when Hillary was mocked for her false story? Biden made one up too it seems. This article gives an anonymous reason which is discounted by Biden’s spokesman. That’s all fine and good, but why did Biden make it up then?

Can the NY Times suck more than it does? I think it can. Here Newsbusters points out they are mad at Republicans….for being polite. Ok I will make the times happy….they can @#$%* themselves.

On the flip side of polite, the same nutjobs who for the past eight years have went round the bend, calling Bush Hilter and all of us on the right facists, racists, sexists…bascially anything ending in “ist” except of course socialists because thats w word they are trying to pretend doesn’t exist, are now asking us to come together in happiness. HA….HAHA…..MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love Irony. Anyway here’s Ace of Spade’s take on that. He’s got some nice links inside as well.


As I find more I will update the list or maybe just create a new post…its Sunday…I’m lazy.