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Rumors of my demise…

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For anyone who has been here in the past few months and still comes back to read this, thank you.  So…we could have a new Supreme Court Justice. What’s that you say? What do I think about her? Funny you should ask. So many things to say and most of them have been said. I don’t know her. Until she was announced I had heard her name and seen very little and what I have seen since has not impressed me. But I don’t know her. I will she how she does when shes asked questions in the Senate. It is very likely she will be confirmed unless there is some smoking gun out there. But what she has said is important even beyond her as a Justice but also about the role of a Judge, the role of race and the role of Identity Politics.

Here’s the best of what I read:

Tolerance thy name is not Liberal

Posted in Culture, Politics with tags , , , , on December 17, 2008 by thedoyle

I always love to hear about how tolerant Liberals are, usually it is a Liberal claiming it and they are usually in front of a camera. However when the public eye is not on them the truth is much different and in the case of some…cough…cough…Keith Olbermann…cough they flaunt their intolerance.


I have seen “liberal tolerance” first hand at NYU so I know of what I speak. Well apparently it isn’t just big schools that have problems, at the Rhode Island College School of Social Work one student is suing for being persecuted for his conservative views.,2933,467626,00.html

Such things do not surprise me anymore.


The Answer is….Libertarianism

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The question is…what will save this country.

This article actually puts the question as what can save Conservatism.

Personally, however, I have always known that Libertarianism is the answer for both sides.

Check it out,