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A Defense of Incivility

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Everyone seems to be bemoaning a lack of civility lately. This has me laughing, since when has civilization ever been civil? What has me laughing more is the majority of folks doing the bemoaning are on the left, they bemoan “tea-parties”, they bemoan the “mob” of “un-American” townhall protesters, they bemoan Joe Wilson because none of them have ever said anything bad about a President. What’s that you bemoan…er say? Joe Wilson is an elected official and his claim the President was lying makes it a particularly grave form of incivility. Is his incivility any worse than the President who not only called his opponents liars, but then actually LIED? I dunno. I know I think the President was worse but then I am biased towards truth no matter how ugly or uncivil and the President was not telling the truth.

Houston Astros shortstop Miguel Tejada could face a year in jail for lying to Congress over an issue that Congress should never have been involved with. Yet President Obama, stood there and accused others of lying, told people he’d “call them out” if they lied about the bill, and yet Joe Wilson calls out the President and Joe Wilson is the bad guy? Wilson should have called himself a “whistle-blower”, then maybe the Left would have liked him. The again probably not, nothing gets between the Left and their messianic Hope and Changey guy, not even the truth, actually especially not the truth. Obama lied repeatedly in his last address of Congress, he lied to Congress and he lied to the American people, isn’t bold-face lying an uncivil thing to do? All Politicians lie, a friend tells me. He’s right but few do it before, during and after claiming the high ground Obama claimed when he challenged his opponents that he’d call out the liars.

The reaction by the Left to Wilson was immediate and predictable, the Left managed to forget its own incivility towards a President for the past 8 years and went straight for the race card as the explanation for such an outburst. Its the same card they played against the tea-parties and the townhall protesters and the Cambridge police and NY Post cartoonists and Disney (The Lion King was racist) now that means they have at least 5 of a kind, I think they are cheating with a stacked deck. Jimmy Carter, who hasn’t been playing with a full deck for years said the reason for ANY opposition to Obama has to be racist, GA Rep. Hank Johnson did his Orlando Jones Fake Crackhead impersonation and pretended that Liberals knew what logic is when he said Wilson’s outburst if not rebuked would logically lead to a resurgence of the Klan, he then went to talk to Robert Byrd for fashion tips (ok I made that last part up). MSNBC news cropped out film of a townhall protester with a gun so they could claim “armed white men” at the town halls were a sure sign of racism, but the guy with a gun they cropped was black. Aren’t unfounded cries of racism and manipulations of news footage to smear protesters uncivil?

Our culture is filled with incivility, one of the most popular forms of entertainment seems to be reality shows which are nothing but sewers of incivility and they are not even real to boot. America’s favorite golden idol is headed by one of the most uncivil pieces of garbage to come along since Weakest Link’s Anne Robinson, the gap between the two was all of what…5 minutes? Ignoring reality and game shows (which I do, I have never watched ANY reality show or modern game show) look at our regular television, crime dramas with people raping, robbing and murdering each other, comedies with insults a-flying, children’s shows with animals hurling crap at each other and kids who could probably do with having some civility beat into them. If people were to really bemoan incivility so much it goes away what will happen to all those actors? I mean they could be all out of jobs and that……ok that would be fine with me, maybe I could get more people to read.

I live in NYC and ride the subway. I have wanted to punch people who don’t understand the simple physics of two objects cannot exist in the same space at the same time but won’t let me out before they try to get on. I don’t do it though…I just hit them hard with my shoulder as I push out.

The bemoaning of incivility strikes me as odd for another reason, can anyone point to out a civil person? Everyone has uncivil moments, isn’t hypocrisy uncivil? Isn’t the overuse of “bemoaning” uncivil?

So before we all lose our collective minds over the incivility lets all take a deep breath and shut the fuck up about it and go back to being people, ugly and uncivil most of them time. The advantage is when we see a sign of civility like the father who hugs his child instead of yelling at her for throwing back a ball, it shines out that much more. And let us also stand up and say honesty no matter ugly is more important that a false sense of civility. Obama lied, Wilson told the truth, how uncivil of Wilson.

Yay Joe Wilson.

Anti-Semite Jimmy Carter calls someone else a racist. No Seriously he did. UPDATED

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So Jimmy Carter isn’t just one of the worst Presidents ever, he is also the worst President of the last 50 years (sorry Libs its true) and if it weren’t for his time with Habitat for Humanity he could be one of the worst persons of the last 50 years. He was a liar and a scum while running for office, saying what ever the crowd wanted to hear to get elected, look at his tenuous support for decriminalization of Marijuana. Lately he has taken on the role of Anti-Semite-in-Chief, blaming the Joooooos for everything wrong with the Middle East and America.

Now he is actually pointing to the sliver in someone else’s eye and calling Joe Wilson’s outburst a racist incident. Carter actually has the nerve to say that since there is still a lot of racism down south (he’s from the south he reminds us, so he knows) the criticisms of Obama are all based on racism. The funny thing about that is assuming there is a lot of racism down south (there’s a lot up north too, oh and east and west and it includes blacks hating other races, latinos hating other races, asians hating other races, basically every race hating every other race) Carter doesn’t turn his own point on himself, or has he forgotten the Klan hates the Joooooos too?

All along Liberals have gleefully used the racist smear at every chance they can at any objection to Obama and his policies. Think Obama is a socialist? (I do) That’s racist, even though socialism has nothing to do with race. Think Obama isn’t from this country? (I don’t) That’s racist, even though different country does not mean different race. Think Obama lies through his teeth? (I absofuckinlutely do) That’s racist. Some of the nitwit Liberals have vivid imaginations, New York Times Op-Ed Hag (I’m sure I will be accused of sexism for that comment) Maureen Dowd even has audible hallucinations because she said in her latest inane screed she heard the word “boy” after Joe Wilson said “You lie” after Obama…LIED. In the words of Football legend John Madden said, “Let’s go to the videotape.” See, no “boy” there but in the minds of Liberals what they imagine is as good as reality, which is why they often don’t ever actually meet reality.

But that’s just a crazy, bitter, lonely op-ed writer I hear you say. Well GA Rep. Hank Johnson, looking and sounding like Orlando Jones in Office Space claimed that Wilson’s outburst will logically lead to people putting on white hoods and riding the countryside terrorizing, and Wilson is the face of that. That guy was elected to replace Cynthia McKinney whose insanity I don’t even have time to go into, nice replacement there, Georgia.

As children, we are taught the story of the boy who cried wolf. The point was that when someone repeats a false charge over and over their credibility is tarnished…and eaten by wolves too for some reason. Yet Liberals haven’t learned that lesson and continue to cry racism everywhere they can. What is funny to me is that often those same people are the ones to claim that the cry of Anti-Semite is over used and applied unfairly to those who have legitimate criticisms of Israel and Israeli policies. So I will admit I don’t have any real proof that Carter is “in his heart” an anti-Semite but he and others like Dowd and Johnson have no proof either about what Wilson really thinks or protesters really think or what I really think.

I will tell you what I really think, I hate everyone equally.

So if we are all going to be called racists no matter what we do then we may as well work hard to vote Obama out of office anyway. If you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t…you may as well do.

Scream, away Liberals.

Victor David Hanson also writes a good column on this. Check it out.

John Hinderaker at Powerline notes the Rasmussen poll that shows that perhaps the cries of wolf…er racism are hurting the screamers