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John Stossel is one of the few true Libertarian Journalists

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , , , , on November 13, 2008 by thedoyle

Stossel continues to impress me with his work. He is one of the few who actually keeps his Libertarian ideals. That’s hard to do sometimes when everyone only thinks of Liberals or Conservatives. His latest article is another one that needs to be read by everyone.

“The “road to serfdom” is paved with such good intentions.”, Stossel writes. I was recently accused of being melodramtic by some frothing at the mouth Liberal for taking that idea to its end and saying the “the chains of slavery were clamped on to your wrists.” Some of us are just able to see further down the road.

This part is the one I have been harping on for months ever since Obama’s marxist-socialist ideal’s were exposed:

Obama promises:

“We will change the world … There is nothing we can’t do, nothing we can’t accomplish if we are unified”. …

Who is this “we” politicians always cite?

We can change the world for the better if “we” means hundreds of millions of free people pursuing their interests, inventing, building, parenting, helping.

But the politicians’ “we” is different. It means government. “We” will take your money by force and order you about. A democracy can become the tyranny of the majority. That’s no way to create prosperity. (emphasis mine)

Stossel is exactly right. Liberals only complain about government orders…when they’re not doing the ordering. Suddenly when they’re guy is in office a strong take charge President is just what this country ordered. Cause deep down they think they are safe from those orders. “A government policy to rob Peter to pay Paul can be assured of the support of Paul.” – George Bernard Shaw. In this case Liberals are Paul. It’s the rest of us that are Peter.