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So much for Civility

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Nothing like a little Liberal hypocrisy to start the day. Nancy Pelosi took to the microphones and complained about the rhetoric being used, I already pointed out her hypocrisy on this before but this new chapter is too good to pass up.

The other day I posted about the congressman, Alan Grayson from FL, who went went on a vitriolic attack and the complete lack of outrage from Liberals. Just as reminder the RNC put out a video showing everyone the truth behind the Left’s calls for civility.

Now Pelosi went to bat for her Democratic colleague, at a press conference not only did she dismiss the need for an apology, she also outright lied AND almost slipped and made the point that Joe Wilson should not have had to apologize.

It is important to note that Wilson DID apologize to the President directly, so Pelosi’s claim that everyone should have to apologize is a lie. It is also important to note that Republicans have given numerous plans to reform healthcare, so her claim they have no plan is lie number 2, although she got that lie from Obama himself. And then there is her slip of “there’s no more reason for Mr.Grayson to apologize than for…uh”…. uh what? Then for Mr. Wilson to apologize? Well if that’s the case will they take back their “distraction” of a rebuke? Somehow I doubt it.

Pelosi is a true waste of flesh much like the Left in general. I’ve said before I think the calls for civility are jokes but no matter what, Liberals are the biggest jokes of all.

Nancy Pelosi: Hypocrite…not a news flash I know.

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Nancy Pelosi has always seemed to me to be one defeat away from becoming an insane cat lady yelling at kids on her lawn. She has that wide eyed look of those who aren’t quite sure where they are at all times. Every time I wonder how she keeps getting elected I remember where she is from and then it at least makes some sense. At the beginning of the town hall summer she immediately began her hypocritical denunciations of the protesters calling them “astro-turf” and “mobs.” As Speaker of the House she officially called their activities “UN-American” in an op-ed piece. Hmmm, the Speaker of the House worried about their Un-American Activities I wonder…maybe she could set up a Committee to look into that, I wonder what she could call it. Can anyone think of a good name for such a committee?

Well after spending her summer insulting protesters and dialing up the rhetoric, now she seems worried about the rhetoric. Not her own or that of other Liberals mind you, no that would require some personal insight and those glassy eyes are incapable of that, no she is worried about the rhetoric of those on the right. She is worried that the rhetoric of those who oppose Obama’s policies like Obamacare, like yours truly, will lead to violence. It would be easy for me to point out that the Left, you know the party she is a part of, is more prone to violence. It would be easy to point out that at the 9/12 protests there was not a single arrest or violent incident, it would be easy to point out that during August at the townhall meetings, the violence that occurred was done leftist SEIU thugs and MOVEON biters. It would be easy to point out that during the Leftist protests of Bush and Republicans there were Molotov Cocktails thrown, windows smashed, cars overturned and police riot squads needed. And so I will go the easy route, the Left is the group that tends towards violence at the drop of a Che Kerchief.

Michele Malkin points out a recent letter Pelosi sent out for fund raising purposes. It begins:
“If this summer proved anything, it showed how urgently we must stand together to restore civility to our politics and help President Obama seize this historic moment for health insurance reform in America.”

Of course if she truly wanted to restore civility she could begin with altering her own language…not likely. And I guess after she helps Obama seize the moment she will also help him seize political power by armed insurrection and then to destroy the capitalist state ok maybe that’s a bit harsh since he didn’t seize power through armed insurrection, merely fraud, although they both seem hell bent on destroying the capitalist state.

I won’t bore you with the rest of Pelosi’s hypocritical screed, its just more of the same with a please send us money theme. It’s almost as boring as her crying on TV the other day when she worried about the rhetoric, saying it reminded her of the riots in the 70’s in San Fransisco. She said, “Anyone voicing hateful or violent rhetoric, she told reporters, must take responsibility for the results.” Really? Anyone? The results? Needless to say Pelosi won’t be talking about those incidents in her cries for civility, her hypocrisy blinds her to those events.

All of her sudden cries for civility and her sudden dislike of protesters is an amazing turn around from 2006, back then she was all for disruptions, of course back then the wind was blowing in another direction. Funny how back then she wasn’t worried about rhetoric or violence when they were violently protesting (careful not all pics SFW). Of course hypocrites like Pelosi never see their own hypocrisy. Thank goodness there are people like me to point it out.

Is pointing violent?