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Nancy Pelosi: Hypocrite…not a news flash I know.

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Nancy Pelosi has always seemed to me to be one defeat away from becoming an insane cat lady yelling at kids on her lawn. She has that wide eyed look of those who aren’t quite sure where they are at all times. Every time I wonder how she keeps getting elected I remember where she is from and then it at least makes some sense. At the beginning of the town hall summer she immediately began her hypocritical denunciations of the protesters calling them “astro-turf” and “mobs.” As Speaker of the House she officially called their activities “UN-American” in an op-ed piece. Hmmm, the Speaker of the House worried about their Un-American Activities I wonder…maybe she could set up a Committee to look into that, I wonder what she could call it. Can anyone think of a good name for such a committee?

Well after spending her summer insulting protesters and dialing up the rhetoric, now she seems worried about the rhetoric. Not her own or that of other Liberals mind you, no that would require some personal insight and those glassy eyes are incapable of that, no she is worried about the rhetoric of those on the right. She is worried that the rhetoric of those who oppose Obama’s policies like Obamacare, like yours truly, will lead to violence. It would be easy for me to point out that the Left, you know the party she is a part of, is more prone to violence. It would be easy to point out that at the 9/12 protests there was not a single arrest or violent incident, it would be easy to point out that during August at the townhall meetings, the violence that occurred was done leftist SEIU thugs and MOVEON biters. It would be easy to point out that during the Leftist protests of Bush and Republicans there were Molotov Cocktails thrown, windows smashed, cars overturned and police riot squads needed. And so I will go the easy route, the Left is the group that tends towards violence at the drop of a Che Kerchief.

Michele Malkin points out a recent letter Pelosi sent out for fund raising purposes. It begins:
“If this summer proved anything, it showed how urgently we must stand together to restore civility to our politics and help President Obama seize this historic moment for health insurance reform in America.”

Of course if she truly wanted to restore civility she could begin with altering her own language…not likely. And I guess after she helps Obama seize the moment she will also help him seize political power by armed insurrection and then to destroy the capitalist state ok maybe that’s a bit harsh since he didn’t seize power through armed insurrection, merely fraud, although they both seem hell bent on destroying the capitalist state.

I won’t bore you with the rest of Pelosi’s hypocritical screed, its just more of the same with a please send us money theme. It’s almost as boring as her crying on TV the other day when she worried about the rhetoric, saying it reminded her of the riots in the 70’s in San Fransisco. She said, “Anyone voicing hateful or violent rhetoric, she told reporters, must take responsibility for the results.” Really? Anyone? The results? Needless to say Pelosi won’t be talking about those incidents in her cries for civility, her hypocrisy blinds her to those events.

All of her sudden cries for civility and her sudden dislike of protesters is an amazing turn around from 2006, back then she was all for disruptions, of course back then the wind was blowing in another direction. Funny how back then she wasn’t worried about rhetoric or violence when they were violently protesting (careful not all pics SFW). Of course hypocrites like Pelosi never see their own hypocrisy. Thank goodness there are people like me to point it out.

Is pointing violent?

Anti-Semite Jimmy Carter calls someone else a racist. No Seriously he did. UPDATED

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So Jimmy Carter isn’t just one of the worst Presidents ever, he is also the worst President of the last 50 years (sorry Libs its true) and if it weren’t for his time with Habitat for Humanity he could be one of the worst persons of the last 50 years. He was a liar and a scum while running for office, saying what ever the crowd wanted to hear to get elected, look at his tenuous support for decriminalization of Marijuana. Lately he has taken on the role of Anti-Semite-in-Chief, blaming the Joooooos for everything wrong with the Middle East and America.

Now he is actually pointing to the sliver in someone else’s eye and calling Joe Wilson’s outburst a racist incident. Carter actually has the nerve to say that since there is still a lot of racism down south (he’s from the south he reminds us, so he knows) the criticisms of Obama are all based on racism. The funny thing about that is assuming there is a lot of racism down south (there’s a lot up north too, oh and east and west and it includes blacks hating other races, latinos hating other races, asians hating other races, basically every race hating every other race) Carter doesn’t turn his own point on himself, or has he forgotten the Klan hates the Joooooos too?

All along Liberals have gleefully used the racist smear at every chance they can at any objection to Obama and his policies. Think Obama is a socialist? (I do) That’s racist, even though socialism has nothing to do with race. Think Obama isn’t from this country? (I don’t) That’s racist, even though different country does not mean different race. Think Obama lies through his teeth? (I absofuckinlutely do) That’s racist. Some of the nitwit Liberals have vivid imaginations, New York Times Op-Ed Hag (I’m sure I will be accused of sexism for that comment) Maureen Dowd even has audible hallucinations because she said in her latest inane screed she heard the word “boy” after Joe Wilson said “You lie” after Obama…LIED. In the words of Football legend John Madden said, “Let’s go to the videotape.” See, no “boy” there but in the minds of Liberals what they imagine is as good as reality, which is why they often don’t ever actually meet reality.

But that’s just a crazy, bitter, lonely op-ed writer I hear you say. Well GA Rep. Hank Johnson, looking and sounding like Orlando Jones in Office Space claimed that Wilson’s outburst will logically lead to people putting on white hoods and riding the countryside terrorizing, and Wilson is the face of that. That guy was elected to replace Cynthia McKinney whose insanity I don’t even have time to go into, nice replacement there, Georgia.

As children, we are taught the story of the boy who cried wolf. The point was that when someone repeats a false charge over and over their credibility is tarnished…and eaten by wolves too for some reason. Yet Liberals haven’t learned that lesson and continue to cry racism everywhere they can. What is funny to me is that often those same people are the ones to claim that the cry of Anti-Semite is over used and applied unfairly to those who have legitimate criticisms of Israel and Israeli policies. So I will admit I don’t have any real proof that Carter is “in his heart” an anti-Semite but he and others like Dowd and Johnson have no proof either about what Wilson really thinks or protesters really think or what I really think.

I will tell you what I really think, I hate everyone equally.

So if we are all going to be called racists no matter what we do then we may as well work hard to vote Obama out of office anyway. If you are damned if you do, damned if you don’t…you may as well do.

Scream, away Liberals.

Victor David Hanson also writes a good column on this. Check it out.

John Hinderaker at Powerline notes the Rasmussen poll that shows that perhaps the cries of wolf…er racism are hurting the screamers

Cowards? Moi? I think not Liberals.

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Eric Holder, our new Attorney General, whom I have talked about before has claimed this country is a “nation of cowards on matters of race, saying most Americans avoid discussing unresolved racial issues.”

I will now and forever say that Holder can go fuck himself. Is that a brave enough statement for you?

This liberal nitwit continues saying, “we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race.” Well let’s talk about talking about race. Liberals are the ones who care most about race, it matters the most to them. They claim to be the least racist but that is just untrue. MLK said he looked forward to the day when a person was not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Liberals have NEVER lived up to that. Just look at our new President. Obama would never have been elected if he had been judged on his character.

Liberals are the MOST racist people I have ever met. It concerns them all the time as they are never able to see past skin color. That is the reason there aren’t more conversations about race. Why would I want to talk to a Liberal about race? I know they are racist, I know they are so small minded to not be able to see past that and it informs everything they say and do. And the worst part about it all is the hypocritical disingenuous way they go about acting as if they are above it all.

Let’s look at this new bullshit that Liberals have spewn upion us about Race. The NY Post had a political cartoon that has race huckster Al Sharpton and the liberal nitwits at the Huffington Post up in arms.

The AP article doesn’t even SHOW the cartoon, so how can anyone who reads the article make up their own mind? HINT: You aren’t supposed to make up your own mind, let the liberals make it for you.

Fortunately the guys at Powerline do have the whole story and the pic.

John Hinderaker also makes some very good points that need to be repeated. Obama didn’t write the stimulus, Pelosi did, so how could the chimp be Obama? Also after 8 years of comparing Bush to a chimp, why are the lovely little BJ and the Bear co-stars off limits for political commentary?

This goes back to my hypocrite statement I made about liberals before and I have talked about in other posts.

Liberals suck. Hows that for honest, Mr. Holder? You are the most racist turd-bags around. Hows that for honest, Mr. Holder? I am sick and tired of hearing about race because to me it isn’t an issue. I don’t care what color you are. I treat everyone the same when I first meet them. If I start to not like someone it has nothing to do with skin color, it has everything to do with the content of their character. People like Holder and Sharpton and Obama have the kind of character I despise, if they were white it would not make them any better, but for some reason since they are black the media and the rest of the liberals overlook their character and judge them by their skin color.

MLK was killed by a white man and his dream was killed by Liberals. Which is worse?


Some others who have been talking about this:

Tolerance thy name is not Liberal

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I always love to hear about how tolerant Liberals are, usually it is a Liberal claiming it and they are usually in front of a camera. However when the public eye is not on them the truth is much different and in the case of some…cough…cough…Keith Olbermann…cough they flaunt their intolerance.


I have seen “liberal tolerance” first hand at NYU so I know of what I speak. Well apparently it isn’t just big schools that have problems, at the Rhode Island College School of Social Work one student is suing for being persecuted for his conservative views.,2933,467626,00.html

Such things do not surprise me anymore.


Why not just bend over and spread your cheeks for them too?

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Hat Tip: Kathryn Jean Lopez of NRO

From UK’s Telegraph:

Multi-faith prayer rooms ‘should be in Catholic schools’.


“A document issued by the Catholic Education Service said facilities for other faiths should be made available in all primary and secondary schools if possible.”

They have facilities for other faiths…they’re called OTHER SCHOOLS!!!!!!

“The guidance also said “respectful understanding” should be shown to pupils of other faiths who are withdrawn from or remain silent during Christian worship.”

And remove from Children that age old ability to make fun of one another? What’s next telling them not to pick on the fat kids? Good luck with that, Britain.

“The advice – issued on behalf of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales – comes in response to new rules forcing all state schools to promote “community cohesion”. ”

Beware of Orwellian words like “community cohesion” they only work one way. You will never see Muslim schools forced to accommodate Christians or Jews.

“Schools must foster race relations and religious tolerance to stop communities becoming divided.

It followed a warning from the Commission for Racial Equality that Britain’s segregated schools are “a ticking time bomb waiting to explode”.”

Okaaaay. I’d make a comment here about bombs exploding and who seems to be the ones most responsible for exploding them but I don’t want to be labeled “somthing-phobic”, but I do have to say that the UK has a funny sort of way of avoiding segregation when they allow Sharia Courts to exist outside the normal court system. All persons in the UK should have to wear signs saying “We Todd Id” where ever they go.

Here’s the entire news story: